On Thursday, 12 July 2018 at 15:14:19 UTC, Luís Marques wrote:
More details. The DIP says:

"The structName type needs to be identical to typeof(this); an error is issued otherwise. This requirement may be relaxed in the future in order to accomodate copying from objects of a different type"
(BTW, typo in "accomodate")

That would mean that if such a relaxation were introduced, then suddenly *all* copy ctors would imply implicit conversion between the respective types. Given D's stance on implicit conversions, I suspect that's not going to pass mustard. So I would prefer the any "implicit" keyword-like annotation to be reserved for explicitly approved implicit conversions.

BTW: Multiple alias this is still planned for inclusion in D, right? If so, what would be the (pratical?) difference between having copy ctors with such a relaxed type requirement and just defining an equivalent alias this method? In case the answer is that there's no significant difference, why not drop multiple alias this, then?

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