Hi Bonnie,

    You are absolutely right. The only time i really have to do some DX is on 
weekends but nearly always I'm confronted with the whole bands occupied by 
contests. This weekend, there was a RTTY contest taking all the digi bands and 
at least one on SSB so all my DX interests (SSB and digi) were vanished by 
those contests. And like you said, there are a lot of complaints abt ALE 
reserving one frequency per band but contests are wiping all the freqs.


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  The recent RTTY contest leads one to ponder: 
  "Why don't we see much backlash against contests?"

  By orders of magnitude, contests create more QRM 
  than any other cause on ham radio. They commonly 
  render multiple ham bands nearly unusable for 
  normal communications, for several days at a time.

  Yet, contesters creating maximum QRM are 
  exalted as champions and Great Operators 
  by the ham magazines and organizations. 

  Why is a little QRM is bad, 
  but vast and continuous QRM is wonderful?

  As quite an avid (and now reformed) contester myself, 
  I'm very curious about this phenomena.

  73 Bonnie VR2/KQ6XA


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