Changes since dim-0.5.4:

  Remove unexport command.
  Fixed error in protocol HTTP/1.1.
  Added doc/{Makefile,quickstart.txt,faq.txt}, snapshot of some docs
  on the webssite.
  Fix a zsh(1) compatibility bug.
  Update README.
  Import directly a specific version if given as argument.
  Fix a bug where allowing 'dim clone' to run from job rootdir results
  in a corrupted job.
  Small documentation improvements.
  Remove 'label' command, now provided by 'dim list File'. 
  Remove 'index' command, now provided by 'dim list -q'.
  Better document 'dim list'.
  Fix a side effect in update_sum(), which now restores working
  Make a diff command test silent, to avoid a SIGPIPE in old bash.
  Many fixes to network code:
  - Do not force a network connection close at end of HTTP/1.1 request,
    otherwise there is no point in using TCP keepalive. This should
    improve multiple files transfer speed.
  - In wget(), implement re-connection and request resent in case of
    premature EOF, which is a normal condition under HTTP/1.1.
  - Fix http_response() to close connection only in HTTP/1.0 and to
    report correctly unexpected connection close.
  - Catch SIGPIPE in case of nc(1) coprocess, to avoid aborting the
    shell in case of premature EOF, which makes nc to exit.
  - Do not force close of network file descriptors at connection close,
    as ksh93 never attempts to reopen them.
  - Switch to HTTP/1.0 (instead of default HTTP/1.1) if -0 flag is set
    at command line.
  Successful tests of network transfers in HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 with
  bash, ksh93, zsh, with /dev/tcp and nc(1).
  Determine shell executable only if dynamic patch and rerun is
  Replace tr(1) by a awk script in wd. This removes a dependency.
  Inform about /dev/tcp for bash and ksh93 in 'dim -V'.
  Now 'dim export' also uploads new version to library.
  This removes the need to call 'dim put' after 'dim export'.
  Implement automatic lazy import when a version is explicitely
  referenced. This allows to bypass 'dim import'.
  Fixed the bug that caused clone to fail at the root directory of a job.
  Merged dim-0.5.4-mv8-pb1
  Fix previous change to wd(1), thanks Philippe.
  Fix clone() to copy into rootdir.
  Fix regressions in getdir() and add() functions, which cause 'dim del'
  to do nothing.
  Remove a debug trace.
  -M flag selects version on main branches only.
  -A flag selects versions for which an archive exists.
  Experimental rewrite of 'dim export' for protocols file and rsync.
  Optimized 'dim get' and 'dim put' for degenerate lib file:.dimlib.
  Note: this is unstable and untested code.
  Merged dim-0.5.4-mv11-pb1.
  Improved generic_getnewversion() (from Philippe).
  Renamed reclone() into chanc(), as clone implies data copy from ancestor.
  Improved help of chanc().
  s/reclone/chanc/ in a couple of places.
  dim-0.5.4-mv13 becomes dim-0.5.5
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