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> Included Objects
> Objects included in web pages, such as images, should be annotated as above 
> within their "host" web pages. Ideally all included objects should also embed 
> object format native notice and metadata as described below, but this is only 
> crucial for objects where the publisher intends for or is concerned about 
> distribution outside the context of the "host" web page.
> Metadata about include objects that have their own URIs should be qualified 
> with about, as rel="license" without an about attribute makes a statement 
> about the current document (which is the "host" web page). Example:
>           Photo licensed under <a about="";
>            rel="license" 
> href="";>cc by 4.0</a>.

Perhaps this could be added to Commons as a mediawiki extension for Google to 
start picking it up and showing the licensing information in its search 
results. Currently Commons shows link tags with rel="license" attribute but 
they specify the whole page license, like they should.

-- Sveta

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