I'm looking to use the MIMO port to send serial data to a Virtex5
board and am trying to get an idea of how to set up the USRP2 to
achieve this.

- I was wondering how a simple loopback test might be achieved.
Something simple like taking what the TI chip gives the FPGA and
sending it back out. Not sure if I should be concerning myself with
the HDL code running on the Spartan 3. (usrp2/fpga/serdes)
- It looks like I will probably have to flash the firmware and I'm not
sure what the best s/w configuration would be. (mimo_tx.bin,
serdes_txrx.bin, my own,  ...)

My guess: I will need to create my own app.c in usrp2/firmware/apps
which receives a serial packet and sends it back out, compile this,
then flash it to the SD card to be run on the aeMB.

I think I'm just trying to get an idea of what code I should be
using/modifying to perform the tasks I want using the MIMO port.


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