Very nice work.  Can't wait to get home and see how many active gr-Lora are in 
Ohio, Atlanta and Miami.  Another interesting protocol to explore is IEC 62591' 
Wireless Hart.  
Builds self define mesh network.


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> On Sep 19, 2016, at 2:45 PM, Matt Knight <> wrote:
> All,
> I am pleased to present gr-lora, an open source OOT transceiver that
> is compatible with the LoRa PHY. Source code is available here:
> As an LPWAN, LoRa is designed to provide long range and low power
> connectivity to embedded and "Internet of Things" focused devices. It
> implements a chirp spread spectrum (CSS) modulation that encodes data
> onto a wideband signal whose frequency continuously increases or
> decreases. A unique design feature is that it is intended to operate
> on ISM bands, meaning network operators need not possess expensive
> spectrum licenses in order to broadly deploy wireless coverage.
> Since LoRa is a closed-source PHY, this implementation is based on a
> black box/blind signal analysis that was conducted in the absence of a
> specification or definitive reference documentation. More information,
> including my initial research results and slides from gr-lora's
> introductory presentation at last week's GNU Radio Conference, is
> archived on my personal github:
> I welcome all contributions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you for reading!
> Best,
> Matt
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