Thanks for those tips. A few follow-up points below.

Are you saying that on the same file, it gives non-deterministic
results? If so, that might be a bug in the file, but could also be in
GNU Radio. There are rumours that there's a randomness bug in the
scheduler, but it's hard to reproduce.
GBJ> I set the wav file to repeat, and it always decodes differently; but I 
should be able to provide more info once I learn more about the items below.

>>Also, is there a way to freeze the GUI?
>You trigger, or simply stop the output (middle click). There's probably
>a way to overlay signals with different rates, but I can't think of one off
GBJ> Found the Trigger settings and already learned more about how my block is 
behaving. I don't see a way to do a one-shot trace (i.e. trigger once, then 
stop). I would like to see the very first piece of audio and the first few bits 
that get decoded; is that possible? As a work around, I could conceivably make 
an even smaller audio file so that the whole trace fits on one screen, but I 
would still like a one-shot for future use.

>Where did you install GNU Radio? And how?
GBJ>I practiced a few times on an old laptop, and then a few more times on a 
virtual machine. In the end I installed GQRX from the GQRX PPA (which was 
listed as the way to do it for all Ubuntu users); that package included gqrx, 
gnuradio, osmosdr, and most of the dependencies I needed, in one 
package/operation. I do not recall ever specifying a destination - but using 
File Manager, I can see: /usr/share/gnuradio and the following subdirectories: 
examples, fec, grc, modtool, themes. No sign of cmake stuff nor the location 
that the OOT module was seeking. I know the concepts of directory trees etc., 
but I don't know the linux usual or recommended locations.

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