Problem solved.  I used the Sound GUI under the Settingsmenu to select the 
audio source.   
I am not sure if that is PulseAudio, but the selections and gain settings do 

I even found that I could switch the device while the flowgraph was running.
That said, I am puzzled about the intended usage of HW:1,0 and and similar 
device names.Suppose I create ~/.asoundrc following the instructions at: 

Then should I be able to specify the device name in GRC 
and not have to rely on the audio setings?

On 09/21/2016 12:40 PM,Cinaed Simson wrote:
> On 09/21/2016 09:40 AM, Paul Zander wrote:
>> Cinaed,
>> Your suggestion about testing the audio suggested an new experiment that
>> may be a work-around.
>> With Settings >> Sound >> Input >> Internal Microphone,  my GRC with (QT
>> GUI Time Sink) shows a signal that responds to the internal microphone.
>> Speaking or clapping hands causes a response on the graph.
>> When I change the Input to Microphone, USB Audio Device, and re-execute
>> the flowgraph,  the signal is very small and does not respond to
>> sounds.  Maybe Audio Source only works with the default input from the
>> system.
> Use the PulseAudio Volume control to turn up the volume on the input
> device. You can find the find the input device under Inputs.
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