Thanks for the help, I think I found my problem.  For searching installed
packages, zypper is quite slow.  I have an alternative using the rpm
command but the arguments were wrong, causing the version parsing to fail.
That's been fixed and it seems that packages are now properly installed
(and not) as necessary.  However, it still doesn't help with the virtualenv
installation.  Seems that the pip packager uses distutils for a number of
packages that fail (wxpython, pycairo, pygobject, pygtk) in some cases b/c
they state explicitly that they can't use distutils for installation on
linux.  I can also try to forcebuild all of those.  I'll have to
investigate further.  Perhaps I'll try an install in the system python of a
openSUSE VM to see if it succeeds using zypper.  If so perhaps I could
submit a pull request.

Anyways, that's the story.


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 10:38 PM, Andrej Rode <> wrote:

> Hey Jared,
> nice you want to add another package manager to PyBOMBS. I recently
> added portage package manager  to PyBOMBS.
> Based on your output these lines [0] give a clue what's happening.
> I'd guess your functions do not properly report the installation status
> back to PyBOMBS.Therefore PyBOMBS keeps trying to install wget with
> every possible package manager left.
> Cheers,
> Andrej
> [0]
> ```
> PyBOMBS.PackageManager - DEBUG -  [1m [35mUsing packager zypper [0m
> PyBOMBS.Packager.zypper - OBNOXIOUS -  [1m [90minstall(wget,
> static=False) [0m
> PyBOMBS.ReqScanner - OBNOXIOUS -  [1m [90mAdding package with name wget [0m
> PyBOMBS.ReqScanner - OBNOXIOUS -  [1m [90mEnd of requirements list [0m
> PyBOMBS.ReqScanner - OBNOXIOUS -  [1m [90mDone parsing requirements
> string `wget` [0m
> PyBOMBS.Packager.zypper - OBNOXIOUS -  [1m [90mCalling ev for recursive
> satisfier rule evaluation [0m
> PyBOMBS.Packager.zypper - DEBUG -  [1m [35mPackage wget has version
> 1.18-2.2                                  in zypper [0m
> PyBOMBS.monitor_process() - DEBUG -  [1m [35mRunning with elevated
> privileges. [0m
> PyBOMBS._process_thread() - DEBUG -  [1m [35mExecuting command `['sudo',
> '-H', 'zypper', 'install', '-y', 'wget']' [0m
> Loading repository data...
> Reading installed packages...
> 'wget' is already installed.
> No update candidate for 'wget-1.18-2.2.x86_64'. The highest available
> version is already installed.
> Resolving package dependencies...
> Nothing to do.
> PyBOMBS.monitor_process() - DEBUG -  [1m [35mThread signaled termination
> or returned [0m
> PyBOMBS.monitor_process() - DEBUG -  [1m [35mReturn value: 0 [0m
> PyBOMBS.PackageManager - INFO -  [1m [32mgetattr(zypper,
> install)(Recipe: wget
> category: baseline
> ```
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