Hello every friend,

Could I spare you a few minutes? :) My Teammates and I have learned to develop 
an application using B200mini on Android. We followed Mr.Trondeau instructions 
on http://gnuradio.org/redmine/projects/gnuradio/wiki/Android that very helpful 
for our work. Thank you very much.
Here are some questions to ask. I would be greatly appreciated if you can reply 

We study the code of GrRxFM project which download from 
https://github.com/trondeau/GrRxFM and find that some lines of codes in 
OnDraw() function in SampleView.java are commented. We guess these codes can 
realize the function that get raw data from flowgraph. However, we cannot find 
the implementation of some key functions. Could you please give some 
explanations or some details about these functions and variables.

Extracted from SampleView.java


RunGraph.CPHandlerGet h = mGraph.mControlPortThread.getHandlerGet();

HashMap<String, RPCConnection.KnobInfo> k = h.getKnobs();


Rungraph.CPHandleGet, how to define this class?
mGraph.mControlPortThread.getHandlerGet() how to realize this member function?
and h.getKnobs()  how to realize this member function?

We confused by these questions for some weeks and we would be greatly 
appreciated if you can reply them.

Thank you very much!

sincerely Charlie
2016 1018 1010
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