Here are a few posts that I've found helpful in the past. They make for a
good jumping-off
point and will help you get familiar with the steps, terminology, and tools


After reviewing them, you'll understand some more keywords you can add to
your Google searches,
depending on what steps you had the hardest time with. I would also check
out Inspectrum, which is
a fantastic visualization tool and has recently added some excellent
measurement and symbol extraction
features. You may also be interested in checking out Mike Ossmann's talk
from GRCON16 [7].


On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 7:28 AM, AndroidT Tester <>

> Hey,
> Sorry for the newbie question, but I have a signal where I found it's
> center frequency and with +12khz and -12khz of the center, I have peaks. So
> as far as I know, if you have 2 peaks on different frequencies, it's 2FSK
> modulation. Now knowing this, how can I demodulate and finally print out
> binary data of this signal into console? Please advise.
> Thank you!
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