Hi all,

I managed to get Apache thrift up and running and configured by environment to 
use the control port and performance counters. gr-perf-monitorx works fine and 
shows me my flowgraph as intended.
My flowgraph consists of several streaming based blocks and many purely message 
based blocks (message in / message out) between a USRP source and a USRP sink.

My question now is: are purely message based blocks without a work function 
correctly profiled as well?

I see my  message blocks appearing in the gr-perf-monitorx visualizer with a 
box around, where the box size indicates the runtime usage. However when I 
switch the view to the runtime table and have a look there, I do not see my 
purely message based blocks in the table. Only those blocks which have at least 
one streaming interface are visible there. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and thanks to Thomas Rondau et. al. for this kind of 
profiling functionality. A very convenient tool indeed.

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