Hi everyone!

   - Ubuntu 14.04
   - Gnuradio version :, UHD_3.11.0.git-28-gc66cb1ba
   - 2 USRP 2953R(x310 + cbx40) connected to host laptops using pcie cable,
   - center frequency=2.484GHz, samp_rate=10MHz

 I have been transmitting at the rate of 10 Packets/s over wireless link
with distance between the tx and rx 3m and 6m. tx_gain is set to 30dB and
rx_gain to 0. (I have varied these gains to find no improvement).
I get a constant total frame error rate at the receiver ~10% for a payload
of size 50 bytes. The problem is that the frames for which the checksum
fails are always the same sequence
I have tried the different channel estimation algorithms and tried sending
the same packet(seq number 0) over and over but still the same numbers are
are dropped. I have also increased the interval between transmission to no

Could you please help me with this issue?

Nikita Airee
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