On 01/13/2017 11:17 AM, Nikita Airee wrote:
> Hi everyone!
>   * Ubuntu 14.04
>   * Gnuradio version :, UHD_3.11.0.git-28-gc66cb1ba
>   * 2 USRP 2953R(x310 + cbx40) connected to host laptops using pcie
>     cable, antennae=vert2450
>   * center frequency=2.484GHz, samp_rate=10MHz
>  I have been transmitting at the rate of 10 Packets/s over wireless link
> with distance between the tx and rx 3m and 6m. tx_gain is set to 30dB
> and rx_gain to 0. (I have varied these gains to find no improvement).
> I get a constant total frame error rate at the receiver ~10% for a
> payload of size 50 bytes. The problem is that the frames for which the
> checksum fails are always the same sequence
> numbers(10,12,31,39,49,58,89,93,94,95...).
> I have tried the different channel estimation algorithms and tried
> sending the same packet(seq number 0) over and over but still the same
> numbers are are dropped. I have also increased the interval between
> transmission to no affect.

really strange that always the same frames are lost. Can you run the
flow graph in loopback mode without any hardware (i.e., connect RX to TX
in GRC), just to rule out any software issues.

Also assert that there are no overruns (in the receiver) and no
underruns (in the transmitter).

There could also be interference on 2.4GHz, but very unlikely that it
always hits the same frames. I assume you are sending frames that don't
trigger any response from APs (or other nodes that might be in radio range).


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