Hi Arie!

Welcome to GNU Radio!
So, as the protocol demands (haha, as if!) I'll point you to the guided
tutorials: These should hopefully give you a nice introduction into a
couple of important GNU Radio concepts, if you're not aware of them yet.
If you are, they should still be a fun read :)!


So, we'll need a bit more info from you to help:

* What is your operating system?
* How did you install GNU Radio and gr-osmosdr?
* Are you aware of
http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/GrOsmoSDR#SDRplaySource ?

Best regards,

PS: You replied to another email thread, so your email was hidden at the
end of that thread in my mail client, and I nearly missed it! It's
important to not reply to emails that are in a thread that you don't
want to participate in; most mail clients have some kind of "threaded"
sorting so that discussions that aren't of interest to one can be safely
ignored. I "corrected" that by /not/ replying to your mail but writing a
new mail copy&pasting all the stuff over, so that you can now directly
reply without risking your mail getting stashed in the depths of a
completely unrelated thread :)

> Hi all,
> I'm new to the group and not really a software-guy. But been in radio
> all my life and finally, in 2017, have the time to catch up on SDR. So
> I got playing around in GNUradio since December 2016.
> Since this week I've started using a SDRplay as hardware and SDRUNO as
> software. Well that works allright. But to move on I want to  get the
> SDRplay to work with GNUradio (osmocom source). Up till now I was not
> succesful. Nor on Linux for that matter.
> Is there something I missed?
> Kind regards,
> Arie Kleingeld

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