> On 19. May 2017, at 08:17, Ayan Chatterjee <ayane...@gmail.com> wrote:

> While using https://github.com/bastibl/gr-ieee802-11 receiver, I am getting 
> some wrong packets, which when opened with Wireshark give infos like:
> - 1506 Fragmented IEEE 802.11 frame
> - 1345 Data, SN =3977, FN =1, Flags= p, PRMF
> - 51 Association Request, SN = 1776, FN=14, flags = p...M..
> How do I get all packets in unfragmented form?

the receiver just logs the frames as seen by the phy. I don’t know if there is 
a tool or Wireshark extension that does further processing.

Maybe you could ask people on the Wireshark mailing list. They might be more 
into that.

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