And in addition to all of the other awesome comments, let me give you some
communications theory.

If a signal occupies K kHz of bandwidth,  you need at least 2K
samples/second to capture the information in that signal.  This is called
the Nyquist Sampling Theorem (it can be K  complex kilo-samples per second
but let's not confuse you for the moment).


On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 10:55 PM, Ash SDR <> wrote:

> Hello Everyone ,
> I am a GNU Radio beginner trying to implement Wideband FM Project and
> transmit it to my FM receiver at a very lower power.  I am choosing a
> frequency in a FM band such that my receiver is not picking anything from
> that station/..
> Attached is GRC file which i am working on .and the music file which i am
> trying to transmit..
> Can anyone please tell me where I am messing up ?
> As a beginner , my learning curve is from implemented projects ,
> University lectures which are available on-line .. This one is from a book
> which i am using to get basic understanding ..
> Thanks
> Ash
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