I want to create a deterministic collision scenario between wifi and
zigbee. I am using gr-ieee 80211 and gr-ieee 802154 along with USRP B210.

I have a constraint that my wifi preambles should always collide with an
ongoing zigbee transmission.

In order to do that, I am thinking of synchronizing the wifi transmitter
and zigbee transmitter (both connected in the same laptop) in such a way
that wifi transmits its frame only when zigbee transmission is ongoing.

Is there any way that zigbee transmitter triggers the wifi transmitter
whenever a zigbee frame is transmitted.

Air time of zigbee is very high compared to wifi, so I am sure if zigbee
transmitter triggers wifi transmitter, wifi preambles will collide with
zigbee for sure.

Both wifi transmitter and zigbee transmitter are connected to the same
laptop and using different USRP B210.

I am not sure if the solution lies in gnuradio or uhd hence posting at both
places :)

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