I was trying to compare the output of the IFFT block and that from Matlab.
Here's what I get:
My input: [1,2,3,4]
output from Matlab: [2.5+0j, -0.5-0.5j, -0.5+0j, -0.5+0.5j]
output from gnuradio: [10+0j, 2+2j, -2+0j, 2-2j]
parameter for the FFT block: fft.fft_vcc(4, False, (()), True, 1)
It seems like the output is not correct. Do I miss something here?

So, in general, I want to check that if the output of ifft for [1 2 3 4]
from Matlab is [a b c d], then in gnuradio after fft-shift I should get [c
d a b], correct?

Please help. Thanks!

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