Hi Matt,

Perhaps I'm missing something very basic, but I fail to see how you
reached the numbers for the sample rates. They look wrong to me. 1
Msps -> decimation by 4 -> 960 Ksps?

Regarding performance, I'd say some optimization is required for
better performance. I was able to demodulate WFM with gnuradio on a
1.2 GHz ARM mobile phone with plenty of CPU to spare (50% or more).
I can give you a flowgraph if you want, but it's C++ code not GRC.


On 3/6/18, matthew venn <m...@mattvenn.net> wrote:
> Hi Brian and Adrian, thanks for the help.
> we've finally gotten around to having another go with gnuradio.
> Brian, I tried your settings and we have the same situation. Things work
> fine until we adjust the tuning, then something happens. There is still
> some crackling from the speakers, but
> we can never get the sound back, even if we retune to exactly where we
> started.
> Attached is the new patch, and the errors that get printed when we tune.
> One thing that has changed is there is no aU errors anymore.
> Regarding hardware, it's the LimeSDR. My PC is 6 core 3ghz FX6100 with 8gb
> ram. It hits 50% on one core with gnuradio companion running. When tuning I
> don't notice a difference.
> Thanks!
> Matt
> On 16 February 2018 at 22:42, Adrian Musceac <kanto...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Based on your graph, the filter seems to be running at the same sample
>> rate as the source, even though you have a decimator block ahead of it.
>> I suggest to correct that and then try again.
>> Cheers,
>> Adrian
>> On February 16, 2018 8:42:13 PM UTC, matthew venn <m...@mattvenn.net>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I've got a limesdr that I'm using to learn about SDR. I started with the
>>> AM tutorial from the website and have now moved on to something that I
>>> can
>>> pickup with an antenna.
>>> The flow works, until I tune it. Then I get aU on the log, and the audio
>>> changes (it still makes noise), but I can never get the audio back even
>>> if
>>> I retune to exactly where it was.
>>> I can use the waterfall to find a new frequency, then stop the flow,
>>> type
>>> that new number as the default tuning and then start and hear audio
>>> again.
>>> Until I tune...
>>> Any idea why it breaks the audio when I tune it?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Matt
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