Dear Mehmet,

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what GUI you're referring to? GRC? Or a
specific QtGUI application?

Can you describe in more detail what you're doing?

If this is really an issue with QtGui: You can extensively theme those.
 If using GRC, there's the "Options" block and you can select a "QSS
Theme" from there. GNU Radio comes with a couple of example files, look
into /usr[/local]/share/gnuradio/themese (or wherever GNU Radio was
installed to).

Best regards,

On Thu, 2018-03-08 at 10:16 +0300, Mehmet Ozcelebi wrote:
> Gnu Radio is awesome, but the GUI is all Grey Background, Buttons,
> Sliders, Textboxes.
> I'm sure there must be an OOT that has a more "beautifull" GUI. Are
> there any settings that we can try for better Background maybe? 
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