I have read what I could about the problem but it is still not clear to me
that part of the hardware (or perhaps the software) is the culprit and it
is not about spending money on a more powerful computer so that the problem

Now it happens to me with the oooooo but I do not rule out at all that,
when I do another operation that is not recording with gqrx, I happen with
the uuuuu or with any other problem of that type. The question is in why if
the cores  work at 50% overrun problems occur?

My motherboard is possibly the cheapest on the market, an Asrock J1900 with
a Quad-Core J1900 processor but I still do not understand that, if the
cores work at 50%, the problem is the processor. Common sense tells me that
the bottleneck It takes place in the buses. Taking into account that the
USB ports are very standardized I can not think of another culprit to take
the blame for the matter

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