thread[thread-per-block[22]: <block wavfile_sink (5)>]: Error in function
boost::math::round<f>(f): Value nan can not be represented in the target
integer type.

I have a flow graph that's connecting to a remote host on a TCP port using
the socket PDU. The flow graph is relatively simple and outputs a
derivative of the stream that it gets to a wav file sink.

[data source (48khz floating point data stream using socket PDU)] --->
TCP/internet ---> [destination flowgraph] ---> wavfile sink (stdout).

When I run the flow graph against the source locally (<5ms ping time) it
works fine. But when I run the flow graph against a remote host that's 20ms
away I get the above error 99% of the time.

I have a hunch that what's happening is that the flow graph initializes and
starts to try and send data to the wavfile sink BEFORE the socket PDU
starts receiving data from the remote host. If this is the case, I would
like to adapt the flowgraph to better handle the arbitrary delay of data
coming into the flow graph.

I'm looking for suggestions for what sort of block or blocks I can add to
help the flow graph better handle the delayed start of data coming into the
flowgraph from the socket pdu block.

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