I installed GNU Radio v3.7.12.0-4-g67a2427 from source on Ubuntu 16.04.3
LTS. When I try to run blocks from some OOT modules, for example gr-pyqt, I
get a template error when running the gr-pyqt table example:

  File ".../gr-pyqt/examples/table_test.py", line 75
    self.my_table = Template error: #set $win = 'self._%s_win'%$id
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Looking into this a bit further, the line


in pyqt_table.xml [1] seems to be the cause. If I change the line to:


everthing works as expected. It this something that needs to be addressed
upstream (in GRC) or is it better to make changes to the block XML code?



[1] https://github.com/osh/gr-pyqt/blob/master/grc/pyqt_table.xml
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