Hi all, I have created an OOT block that receives PDUs as input, stores the
data in a FIFO buffer and generates a stream as output. Case no data is
available at the FIFO, stuffing data is generated.
The block (kind of) works as intended, but when it is on the system with no
data PDUS being received it does its job and generates stuffing. The
problem is that, if I understood correctly, the rate of generation is
controlled by the blocks downstream (via backpressure) meaning it fills all
buffers of the blocks downstream up to the USRP.
This makes the next PDUs that arrive to suffer a very high latency.
I am trying to find a way to limit the buffer of the blocks downstream, but
it doesn't feel like the right way to deal with this. Another idea is to
query the status of the output buffer (via pc_output_buffers_full()) and
generate stuffing data just when it is empty.
Anyone have faced similar issue? Am I in the right direction?
Any comments are appreciated.

Best Regards
*Wheberth Damascena Dias*
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