Hello Riccardo,

Now using the latest version from the gnustep-nonfsf repository ... would like 
to resolve the POP3 issue first and then re-test the previously reported bugs,

> > Thank you for your suggestion. What does compacting do? Does it not result 
> > into GNUMail compressing the files in which the messages are stored?
> as far as I understand it will issue the delete command it the messages 
> are not to be left on server, otherwise it checks the age of messages.
> If that works for you, you can expunge on exit, there is an option for that.

Thanks for this. It appears that I find the advice above a little difficult to 

To me compacting is translated as 'Сжать' (#K) and results into removal of 
deleted messages which are shown in grey and italic however it does not make a 
connection to server to remove messages from there.

It is possible to tick the option 'compact mailbox when closing' and 'prompt 
before compacting a mailbox' (these appear untranslated) options in the 
Advanced section of settings, but there are no new prompts produced from this, 
for instance when exiting GNUMail. It is not clear how one may "close" a 
mailbox in a way that would trigger this prompt.

Not sure where the 'expunge on exit' setting is, I don't see it anywhere in 
GNUMail or in the Account settings.


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