Hi Ric,
Im using 1.2.0 on Mac Sierra.
When I click on mailbox, then [gmail],select expand then [all mail] it closes.
console does not show any messages or errors.

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> Hi Rachel,
> Rachel Phillips wrote:
> > I was using for 1 week , without issues. Then 3 days ago or so, when i 
> > click all, gnumail closes. i even removed gmail account and re-added, and 
> > no change. i'm using imap.
> >
> I never used GNUmail with gmail, but more than somebody reported me 
> issues, gmail being somehow strange, also with other MUAs.
> Since you use IMAP a suggestion is to remove your cache files - it is 
> not necessary to remove and re-add the account. For IMAP the caches will 
> be regenerated automatically.
> What version are you using? 1.3.0 release? maybe some details help...
> do you have really many emails?
> does the console print out something before crashing, error logs? are 
> you able to run it in a debugger? A stacktrace could help.
> Riccardo

hm <rmaniac...@gmail.com>

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