-- Post-Meeting Keysigning Process

Install the CAFF tool

On Debian or Ubuntu:  "sudo apt-get install signing-party"
On Fedora: "sudo dnf install pgp-tools"

On CentOS, Red Hat, or other Red Hat-based distributions:

first, enable EPEL repo: see

then, ""sudo yum install pgp-tools"

Assume you attended the most recent BLU keysigning party, and at the party
you've verified the identities of the people who own the keys with ids
4A73884C, 3BC1EB90, and C67224EB.

To sign the three keys using your default signing key, you can run one of
the following commands:

$ caff 4A73884C
$ caff 4A73884C 3BC1EB90 C67224EB

Detailed instructions can be found at

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