On 02/14/2018 11:02 AM, Dan Ritter wrote:
I expect that ten years from now, I will still be using an
editor which is a descendant of vi in some form, and many of us
will still be using emacs.

The watch my wife gave me when we got married is well over ten-years old and works great.

The Pebble on my other wrist is much newer but on its last legs.

Wanting a Pebble replacement* I was just looking at a web site a friend pointed me at, someplace selling "wearables". I seriously doubt anything they make will last ten-years, but I don't really know. The web site loads to damn slowly I can't be bothered to attempt a second click.

Twenty-years ago internet connections were slower than today, yet web pages similar to this one loaded faster. When I see that I see a lack of engineering. And that's pretty much how we build things these days, both literally and figuratively.

-kb, the Kent who has been using emacs for 40-years, is still using it this morning, and expects to be using it ten-years from now.

* Desired smart watch features:

 - Bright light makes the display easier to see not harder.
 - When I look at it there is something to see--without my needing to
   do anything extra.
 - Battery that runs for more than 24-hours without needing charging.
 - Battery that is replaceable.
 - Knows that it is a very limited device, mostly an accessory to my "phone",
   forwarding asynchronous notifications.
 - No touchscreen that won't work with gloves or when wet. (It is a limited
 - Won't quit working when the manufacturer changes its business model.
 - Reliable.

Seems like a really demanding and far-fetched set of desires, but the Pebble did it really well, but for that last two items (due to a design flaw the screen likes to scramble, or go white).
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