Kent Borg <> writes:

> On 02/14/2018 02:10 PM, Mike Small wrote:
>> I'm hoping postmarketos (or ideally debian mobile + their arm porting
>> teams) goes somewhere so I don't have to discard my Samsung
> I just recently did the Kickstarter, er, Indigogo, for the Gemini PDA.
> I hope it is decent. Donno.
> I did not order the phone version, I did wifi-only.

It's nice to see them offering a real Linux as a secondary boot
option. If that were an expectation for all such devices we'd be in a
much better place than we are now. But myself I can't get excited about
new hardware and kickstarters like this. Exciting to me rather are the
people trying make all the junk floating around out there, going several
years back, just another device that Linux and one or more of the BSDs
are ported to. The blurbs on postmarketOS's pages capture my feelings
perfectly. But it probably won't happen for a lot of it (e.g. how long
will armel be a supported Debian architecture?).

Mike Small
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