On 02/14/2018 03:27 PM, grg wrote:
...except that these computer systems which are failing and grounding the
carriers are actually the same ones they've been using for decades.

I might be wrong in my conclusion that it was recent stuff that broke. (Just because they are still using old hardware doesn't mean the old parts failed.)

Curious. I hit the power button on my sleeping android phone and I get a
login screen ready to go in about a half second.

And that is slower than it used to be on a 68030 Mac notebook nearly 30-years ago.

I'm not saying it is unusable that it takes a half-second. I'm saying my phone has 4-times as many CPUs, running over 100-times as fast, with 2000-times the RAM, and executing an OS designed from the start to be for portable use...yet it takes longer to wake up.

This is a crazy amount of computer power, mostly being squandered going in and out of a zillion layers of code. Imagine what lean code could do with that hardware... (For a start, get by with a lot less hardware, and so longer battery life.)

But Google's Calendar app can't reliably give me notifications of events...
(Oddly, it seems to work better if I say "send me an e-mail, too", then I'll
probably get the regular on-device notification.)
Hmm - again, WFM.  What phone and OS are you running?

Android. It was a Nexus 5x running the latest OS, but that died in December--just weeks out of extended warranty. Now it is an LG G5 running an 7.0. On my Nexus 7 I have 6.0.1. Long standing problem, looks like a server-side bug to me.


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