Finished the initial build and running Memtest now. Parts:

Case: Fractal Design Node 304. Mostly for the six drive bays in a Mini
ITX form factor.

PSU: Corsair CX 450. Probably more power than I need but better to have
the power and not need it than needing to replace the PSU.

Motherboard: ASRockRack C236 WSI. One of the few Socket 1151 Mini ITX
boards out there with ECC. Also, eight 6Gb/s SATA III ports on the board.

CPU: Intel Core i3-7100. Reasonable price, reasonable performance,
reasonable power consumption, and ECC support (i5 and i7 don't support
ECC, go fig).

RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 2133MHz DDR4 ECC, 8GBx2. High performance RAM in
a box like this is a waste of money.

Drives: 4GB WD Red NAS Storage. These will be swapped out of the
Synology box. I'll finally be converting back to ZFS from Btrfs (the box
has enough RAM and CPU to handle ZFS). I have a 120GB Samsung 850 EVO
not doing anything which I plan to add for L2ARC.

And a bunch of Monoprice SATA cables to connect the drives.

First full Memtest pass just finished. No errors. Nice.

Rich P.
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