So what's the approximate cost for that equipment?  Just curious since I
don't have any clue what stuff goes for since I'm not in the habit of
building systems.

Greg Rundlett

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 8:33 PM, Richard Pieri <>

> Finished the initial build and running Memtest now. Parts:
> Case: Fractal Design Node 304. Mostly for the six drive bays in a Mini
> ITX form factor.
> PSU: Corsair CX 450. Probably more power than I need but better to have
> the power and not need it than needing to replace the PSU.
> Motherboard: ASRockRack C236 WSI. One of the few Socket 1151 Mini ITX
> boards out there with ECC. Also, eight 6Gb/s SATA III ports on the board.
> CPU: Intel Core i3-7100. Reasonable price, reasonable performance,
> reasonable power consumption, and ECC support (i5 and i7 don't support
> ECC, go fig).
> RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 2133MHz DDR4 ECC, 8GBx2. High performance RAM in
> a box like this is a waste of money.
> Drives: 4GB WD Red NAS Storage. These will be swapped out of the
> Synology box. I'll finally be converting back to ZFS from Btrfs (the box
> has enough RAM and CPU to handle ZFS). I have a 120GB Samsung 850 EVO
> not doing anything which I plan to add for L2ARC.
> And a bunch of Monoprice SATA cables to connect the drives.
> First full Memtest pass just finished. No errors. Nice.
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> Rich P.
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