On Thu, 2010-11-04 at 22:06 +0100, Peter Rodwell wrote:
> Quoting T. J. Brumfield:
> > In all fairness, Android tablets could become a large emerging market, but
> > Windows is still by far the predominant market.
> But how many people will use them for heavy-duty word processing,

How many people use OOo for heavy duty WP? Certainly not the majority of

> spreadsheeting and presenting? LO/OO is a heavy-duty package for
> heavy-duty work, after all.

But like MSO 90% of the use probably employs less than 10% of the

> I've tried typing on my stepson's iPad (on the couple of occasions
> when I've been able to prise it from his grip) and it's hopeless.
> OK for Web surfing, short e-mails, etc, but tablet ergonomics are
> completely unsuited for serious work. Even laptops are dubious
> (nasty keyboards, small screens, etc).

I am using a laptop now, but I'm using a standard keyboard plugged into
a USB port on it. So for $5 I have all the advantages of a laptop and a
desktop. Screen is big enough but I can plug it into a bigger one if
needed, We have a 42" Plasma and a data projector or 2 here. 

Take a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S. Design a netbook style case with
a decent keyboard and screen and a slot to slide in the phone. Lets say
the keyboard and screen are $50. I'd certainly buy that and dispense
with my netbook. I already run OOo, Inkscape, Audacity, etc on the
netbook and practically its one or two apps at a time but mostly I use
it for web stuff, e-mail and WP. Of course I could also take the HDTV
out from the phone and plug it into a 1080P TV screen.

Really we have to look just a little bit further ahead. As a very famous
hockey player said "I'm good because I skate to where the puck will be
not where it is at the moment".

I'd say that it would be worth taking the gamble to prioritise to
Android - OOo works well enough on Windows for most people so marginal
incremental improvements are not going to tip that market at the end of
10 years trying. A real killer on 'phone technology as it develops has a
much better chance but probably that opportunity is already lost simply
because others are beating us there. K-Office on Nokia for a start.

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