Carlo Strata píše v Čt 13. 01. 2011 v 21:11 +0100:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have just updated my LibreOffice 3.3rc2 to rc3 (linux, x86-64, 
> OpenSuSE Build Service/OBS build, kernel, java 1.6.0 update 23 
> x86-64).
> LibreOffice 3.3.0
> OOO330m19 (Build:5)
> tag libreoffice-
> Since yesterday, and surely since LO 3.3rc2, I fall with this trouble.
> - Download the following document (created with OOo 3.3rc9, linux, 
> x86-64, vanilla)
> - putting the mouse over the "Total" labeled cell, you'll see a tooltip 
> like "adapt/resize the row" (this is correct, I suppose)
> - click now on the lowest right cell (the "sum cell"), select its 
> content and delete it (e.g. press the CANC/DEL key)
> - in the automatic appeared table toolbar click on the SUM icon (an 
> uppercase sigma letter) and then press enter to accept the sum 
> proposed/suggested parameter (e.g. <C2|C3|C4>)
> - save and close the document
> - reopen the just saved document
> - putting again the mouse over the "Total" labeled cell, you'll now see 
> a different tooltip that is the same as you were over the sum cell (this 
> is not correct of course)
> - if you now also click over the Total label, you will see a formula 
> error explosion on many table cells (this is not correct at all).

Hmm, it does not look good.

> On OOo 3.3rc9, linux, x86-64, vanilla, all works fine.
> Is this an OpenSuSE LibreOffice only bug? Is this an all LibreOffices 
> only bug?

I have reproduced the bug with the LO-3.3-rc3 build for SLED11-SP1. I do
not see it with the plain LO-3.3-rc3 build => it is SUSE-specific.

Carlo, could you please report it into the Novell bugzilla at ?

Cedric, Kohei, I am not sure if it is a bug in Writer or Calc. I guess
that it is caused by the an extra patch from the build/patches
directory. Does it trigger any bell?

I see it also on SLED10, so it should not be caused by the split build.

Carlo, thanks a lot for reporting the problem.

Best Regards,

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