Hello *,

I've contributed for several years to the OOo project and I'm here around the TDF/LibO one since its birth.

In this time, I've followed several mailing lists and projects and though I know how much complex is a project of this kind, I really feel a sensation of "wastage of resources" (please pay attention to the quotation marks :-) when I try to understand how to contribute in my actual limited time that, indeed, may be the same limited time of a "average no-techie contributor".

I'd like seeing a central employment-office-like web structure where the maintainers or already active contributors posts their "Requests for help" with an estimated amount of time needed to complete the requested tasks and where a wannabe contributor can get a "ticket" in which he/she can clearly know what he/she has to do and who has to contact once he/she has completed the requested task.

It should be a web site as easy as possible.

Home page with 2 sections only:

Code developing contribution (Easy Hacks and other things) - Other skills contribution (Documentation, art, marketing, ...)

A "employment ticket" should involve:

a) task requested: translation of a doc, fulfillment of a task, creation of an artwork, ...

b) skills needed to complete the task: knowledge of a foreign language, artistic skills, rhetorical skills for public speeches, ...

b) estimated time needed to complete such task: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, ...

c) contact email of the person "in charge" for the requested task.

This "system" should be less dispersive than a wiki and completely oriented to get "more contributions per contributor's available time unit".

Any comment?


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