Boston's Creative Commons Art Show

Harvard Free Culture seeks original & derivative work for its upcoming showcase
of Creative Commons licensed artwork, a partner event to the NYU CC Art show
(recently featured on BoingBoing
<>). We welcome
any medium that can be displayed in a gallery setting, so if you're not afraid
to SHARE your art, submit!

REQUIREMENTS: Submission of artwork with a visual component, under at least a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike license (you may choose
to submit work under a more open license as well.) Essentially such a license
means that others may distribute or copy your work for non-commercial          
   purposes, must give you credit, and if they make a derivative work/remix,
they must release the new version under the same license. The work need not be
created for the show; you may choose to release work you've already created   
under a Creative Commons license.

Please see <> for more
information on licensing.

DEADLINE: Please submit your work by *March 22, 2006* to
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. If submission cannot be done electronically,
please email to make other arrangements.

VENUE: The show is tentatively scheduled for the week of April 10 and will be
held in Cambridge, Location TBA.

To learn more about Harvard Free Culture, visit our blog at:


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