Authoxy 2.2.5 on Jaguar was a joke as well. Authoxy 2.3 is the first version since 2.1 I think, which has actually been tested in house on Jaguar. This highly unprofessional lapse was embarrassingly enough, due to me misplacing my Jaguar CDs! After going home for the Christmas break, I have been reunited with them, and finally got down to some serious testing with Jaguar.

After much frustration, I rebuilt the Authoxy package for Xcode in Panther from scratch, and made use of the support in the new developer tools for previous operating system. Everything finally appears to be working out well! I must say, given a bit of time to get familiar with the layout, Xcode really does seem to be a sophisticated product. By the way, Xcode is the new development tool from Apple in Panther, for those who are not aware.

The final setup not only should finally bring relief to Jaguar users, it also greatly streamlines my workflow. Hopefully this means more time adding functionality and less time fighting with the tools. Thanks to all those that reported problems with the last few versions, it really helped out (and spurred me on!). Keep it up!

Happy New Year!
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