Hi Laurent,

I did receive your private email explaining these issues in more detail. Thank you for that, there is good information in there. If version 3.0 doesn't help out, I'll have another look at it. I think the combination of a new connection and the unusual URL format (with colons and so forth) might be confusing things. I should be able to track it down with your examples, hopefully!

Unfortunately, I'm out this weekend, and wont get a chance to look at it until next week some time. It is on the cards though. Working with NTLM helped me see new ways of handling connections, which might be beneficial to the rest of the program.


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That's great news, congratulations!

Now, what about the problems I had with automatic proxy configuration?
Specifically, when the
proxy server returns some bogus URLs or redirects to other URL, my browser
will try forever to
load that URL but it doesn't succeed. It's happening specially when
visiting a page that has
frames or other images coming from other web servers. If, for some reason,
the IT department
has blocked a domain, then the response to that request is often the
standard page here that
says the content is inappropriate. While it seems to work if I try to
access an URL containing a
blocked domain, when an already loaded or closed to be loaded page tries to
load something
from a server that is blocked is when the problem occurs. If I use the
manual proxy
configuration and enter the IP address of the server in Authoxy, then all
is well even for those
parts that can't be loaded, hence my suspicion that the automatic proxy
configuration is
lacking something.

Thanks for the great work!


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