Title: Re: [discuss] NTLM and Authoxy 3.0
Dear Health,

Authoxy 3.0 seems to work fine with my hospital's ISA Server 2000.

Thank you for your hard work.

At 3:29 +1100 16/1/04, Heath Raftery wrote:

Well, NTLM support is out the door! Implementing this was quite a ride. A very intense couple of weeks of coding. As many of you may be aware, NTLM is a Microsoft proprietary authentication scheme with no publicly available official documentation. Of course, admins still deploy it, and it is up to the rest of the development community to reverse engineer it, or only use Microsoft products. Predictably enough, I prefer the former option.

Luckily, I didn't have to do any of the reverse engineering work. The praise for that goes mainly to the open source communities involved in development of projects such as Squid and Samba. Thanks to their generous effort, NTLM authentication is now within reach of us mere Mac mortals. I hope you like it!

Now, as I mention in the ReadMe, I don't actually have access to an MS Proxy or ISA Server! I've done thorough testing using the NTLM module in Squid, but performance in real environments is a big unknown. The NTLM scheme is huge, and I fully expect their to be teething issues. I'll be relying on the community on this list to help each other out, because I really don't have any experience of MS Proxies. I know the technical details down to the bits and bytes, but know very little about users / domains / workstations. I'd appreciate any input from those in such environments.

There's also a few other bug fixes in 3.0, which had been raised before on this list. Hope this solves a few for you.

It has been rather quiet on this list over the last few weeks, which has actually helped my productivity enormously! I hope that means 2.3 was fairly stable. I imagine as university staff start to return to work, and people try this NTLM stuff out, that we might see a few cries for help (or screams of frustration ;) ).

Oh, and on a personal note, I've made myself one of those silly blog things: http://heath.hrsoftworks.net

Take care, I'm in dire need of sleep, so will take my leave now.
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