Hi Heath, etal.

Two things,

I have noticed that since updating to authoxy 3, both on Panther 10.3.2 and
Jaguar 10.2.8, some odd things happen.  In Jaguar, Authoxy 3, when the
daemon in running ( it too often loses its port dropping to
'unknown'.  This seems to cause failure to access the net, in my case via
system prefs>softwareupdates.  I noticed if I turn authoxy off then  on
again, it correctly establishes the port (8080) and I can then successfully
execute the SWUpdate function.  However, in Panther, using Authoxy 3.0, I
seem to be able to do the SWUpdate, even when port unknown is shown.  Is
this issue known?  I am thinking I may need to go back to v2.3 of authoxy
for jaguar10.2.8. ???

I know I have mentioned it before, but my university technicians won't budge
on the issue that our autoproxy script is correctly written and functioning
just fine, eventhough its not compatible with Macs (perceived as another
weak feature of macs I think).  One technician reckons Mozilla and an old
netscape version used to handle *.cgi autoproxy scripts, but that now both
don't either on Macs.  We use the following script:

The position is that the *.cgi script is working just fine, they see no
reason to move to *.pac.

What is the difference between a *.pac and *.cgi auto proxy anyway?
Can Authoxy be tweaked to specifically accommodate a *.cgi autoproxy script
and/or a *.cgi autoproxy script somehow?

Many thanks


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