Seemingly since upgrading to Authoxy 3 from 2.3, Location X swaps have not been working with Authoxy. All other settings swap correctly except Authoxy. I trashed all Location X and Authoxy files and went back to Authoxy v.2.0. Now when I swap locations, i get a message "The Authoxy preference file could not be written. Please contact Authoxy's developer".

Now I'm wondering in the problem is related to the latest Apple Security update, as this is the only other software I have installed recently. Have updated to Authoxy 3 again with the same result.

Incidentally, I have also noticed Quicktiime connections are not working through Authoxy 3 anymore, giving me a "Quicktime is missing components..." message.

Running OS 10,3.2
Location X v.2 with Authoxy plugin 1.1.1
Carl Williams
East Doncaster Secondary College


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