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> This is, and always has been, by design! Looks like I need to revise
> the interface there. The thing is, when the Preference Pane is used the
> start the daemon, the PP knows the port number it used to start the
> daemon with. After you close System Preferences and re-open it, there
> is no way for the Preference Pane to know whether it started the
> daemon, whether the port number has changed since, whether startAuthoxy
> was used to restart the daemon, or whether the preferences has changed,
> so to be safe it reports the port as "unknown". The daemon will
> continue to run on the port you started it, completely independent of
> the status reported in the Preference Pane.
> I realise this really should be made clearer.


I think it would be less confusing if you were not displaying the "unknown".
I think that's why people assume something is wrong. Since getting the port
number is not that much reliable, why don't you stop displaying it at all?
What is it good for if you can only display when you start the daemon?

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