That's great news! Certainly made me smile (somewhat wryly).

I've made a few improvements to the PAC support last night. I think things are going to be much better behaved now - I'm very happy with how it is performing.

Laurent and others, I've fixed the port unknown thing as well. The daemon now reports the port it is using.

There's a couple of other goodies in this next release as well, but you'll all have to wait a few days before I get it out. I've been really off and on this project the last week or two, with a lot of other things going on. I'm moving house again this weekend, which is always disruptive!

On 05/02/2004, at 11:46 PM, Kurt Seemann wrote:


Just as you suspected! I have tested the auto proxy *.cgi script in authoxy
3.0 on panther and seems to work perfectly since they 'corrected the minor

Many thanks.

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