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Hoping someone has seen this before, because I'm in the dark a bit here. I have a user who is trying to get her G5 w/ OS X 10.3.4 working past an ISA proxy server w/ Small Business Server. So she's trying Authoxy's NTLM support.

Apparently it worked once upon a time, but now everytime she goes to view a web page in IE, Authoxy reports:

Jun 8 15:07:19 : Fatal Error: unable to connect to talker socket. Errno:
Interrupted system call
Jun 8 15:07:19 : Couldn't open connection to proxy server. Errno:
Interrupted system call

every second or so. She can surf around for a bit but gets those messages on every page she hits. Then it all falls apart when she attempts to access a secure site. IE shows an incomplete error msg "The attempt to load 'Accessing URL: ..." and then Authoxy spits this out:

Jun 8 15:09:12 : Fatal Error: unable to create shared memory

Since I developed Authoxy I have a little bit of inside knowledge about these error messages, but not enough to see exactly what the problem is. In fact, I've never actually seen the messages appear in practice.

The talker socket is the connection to the proxy. The failure is on the system call to connect() but the man page doesn't show any information on that particular Errno. A bit of web searching shows that "Interrupted system call" (also known as EINTR) occurs when a blocking call is interrupted by another signal (like a break or quit) but it shouldn't actually appear on OS X because FreeBSD is designed to automatically restart the call! Odd stuff - I'm leaning towards the possibility that perhaps IE itself isn't happy with the connection attempt (it times out perhaps) and cancels the call.

And the second error is unusual too. It occurs when the system call shmget fails in the NTLM code. Reasons are that the key, which is based on the PID of authoxyd, is not unique or because there are no resources left to create more shared memory. Anyone else seeing the error?

Any chance anyone has seen similar behaviour from Authoxy, and might know of things to try? It is very hard to troubleshoot these things without access to the site...

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