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Hey Heath and All
I use a OS X 10.3.4 on a G3 iBook 900 and am connected to the university internet connection, which uses an HTTP Proxy with authentication (no automatic configuration and no NTLM support as far as I'm aware). Panther lets me access internet sites through it's own HTTP settings, but I can't access internet sites that require a password (such as the .Mac site and my internet banking) nor can I download e-mail off my POP account. I was hoping that Authoxy could help fix some/all of this for me.

Do these sites start with https (also known as secure HTTP)?

The problem is that Authoxy (version 3.1) seems to start fine. I put in all my settings into the Control Panel, click 'Start' and it starts. I get a nice "Jul 18 15:00:39 : Authoxy has started successfully" message. But that's it. Authoxy tells me it's running "1 Daemon on port 8080" and that's it. Trying to access any of those services I mentioned above doesn't seem to work, and no internet application I start seems to even create a new daemon. The 'Messages' menu stays completely blank and nothing happens.

Very little appears in the Messages menu after the initial start message, unless you have the "Write debugging information to the system log" option checked before you start Authoxy. It would be a good idea to enable this option if you haven't already, while you sort these things out.

I've tried telling the OS X HTTP settings I have no authentication, tried erasing them completely, tried putting them in, tried using multiple internet browsers and applications (some of which support HTTP Proxies, other which support SOCKETS and other that support neither) and none of them seem to cause any reaction to Authoxy.

So you've set the system proxy settings (System Preferences->Network->Proxies) to port 8080 (as described in the ReadMe)? It sounds like your network setup might also require HTTPS sites to go through the proxy. In that case you also need to set the Secure Web Proxy setting in the same dialog to port 8080.

Let us know how that goes.
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