Suspect that you have miss configured the paths to authoxy.
Can you test the speed of the direct link to your MS proxy server using say
Internet Explorer and then do the same via authoxy using say Safari.
We run Authoxy on a number of machines from a G3-500 powerBook (mine!!)
to G4 powerBooks of the students(!!) without any speed impact. Also
on an iBook-500 - goes well.

Have you included HTTP and HTTPS but a direct link for FTP?

Have you got a clash of port 80 or 8080 on the powerBooks, for example
have you enabled the local server on the powerBook.
is localhost.

Have you enabled NTLM authentication with the correct domain name.
Separate the proxy port (suggest 8080) from the MSProxy server port 80)

We too are running 100Mb links and authoxy works well... won't comment
about the rest of the (Windows managed) network.

Let us know,
Cheers from downUnder
Bruce Stephens,

>     Hi I m new here
> I m one of the few Mac people here where I work, in a Microsoft network
>environment, running OS X latest on my PowerBook G4 867
> Looking for ways to raise the level of compatibility, found Authoxy
> Installed successfully
> Question: Seems slow. Are there ways/tricks for speeding things up? Our
>network is 100baseT so it s not slow when I connect directly to our proxy
> --Steve
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