Set in the NTLM your windows domain name eg for us its "curriculum2"
and in the host, its NOT you/your workstation but the IP address of
your proxy server or whatever,

Well thats what we do...

Try that.


>--> NTLM Authentication is on, set to my domain (mbbc) and my computer name
>(sstratpbook)--I'm checking with our system admin to be sure that's correct
>Note: In Authoxy control panel, the number of daemons running increases with
>each web access, but doesn't seem to decrease back to 1 after the web page
>finishes loading. Don't know if that's normal.
>Any ideas? Thanks for your help--this tool has great potential for me to
>provide a higher level of compatibility with our MS network, so I'm not
>willing to give up yet!

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