Steve here is part of a previous email to the maillist showing the
setup we use...


The standard Proxy setup under System Preferences would work with Internet Explorer but little else. The students have to "Log in" repeatedly to the server in the usual way with CURRICULUM/username and password and then log in again for other services. The Standard Go->ConnectToServer in OS X is abysmmal. I use SMBBrowser 0.91 (unstable but it works) to find the various services.

On a couple of machines I have installed authoxy for test purposes and the results have been surprsingly brilliant.

Within Authoxy the SETTINGS stage has
username - password
Use this proxy enabled - port 80
(ignore pac files)
with Authoxy running on local (to the PowerBook) port 8080.
Enable debugging.

In the NTLM setup we have
Domain curriculum
host/workstation - slight duplication perhaps.

Start Authoxy. I have told the 2 students to START authoxy each time they start their computers and apart from one incident, Authoxy seems to run fine.

The students all have wireless connections. Thus in the
System Preferences->Network section and in proxies, we have set
FTP proxy directly to port 80 (yes 80)
Web Proxy (HTTP) to port 8080
Secure Proxy (HTTPS) also to port 8080

And all that seems to work.
Safari and IE work as does Software Update -
but the Virex autoupdate does NOT work.

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