After a full day with Authoxy, I'm left with only 13 daemons. So apparently
there's nothing amiss, they eventually go away, as Bruce said.


On 9/19/04 5:58 PM, "bruce" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Dear Heath and Steve,
> Thanks Heath, I will try and test today. Monay is always busy but will try.
> Also wrt dying processes.. dying unix processes never disappear
> quickly. They are not actively taken out of the mix unless resources
> are not released. Usually removed at idle time or thereabouts.
> Bottom line is on exit... forget.
> You can see numbers of terminated processes on a high load system.
> A terminated daemon will have absolutely no effect on the system beyond
> occupying a process slot and there is an argument that cleaning all those
> up while the system is busy will slow you down anyway!!
> This is a unix pov!!!
> Cheers,
> Bruce
>>> I notice the number of daemons gets fairly large (right now it's 36,
>>> with
>>> nothing going on net-wise). Should they go back to zero? (5 minutes
>>> after I
>>> wrote that, it's still 36.)
>> Yes, they should. Something is probably not right there. NTLM does rely
>> on persistant connections, but they should still be closed eventually.
>> As Bruce suggest, they most likely will not do any harm - Unix systems
>> are quite good at handling lots of background processes. But I'd
>> definately feel better if they died a fair bit more quickly than that.

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